Estrella Lottich

SB2_4142Estrella is co-teacher in our morning PrePrimary Class and Lead Teacher in our afternoon PrePrimary class.  Estrella joins our school this year with 5 years experience working in Montessori environments.  Estrella started out as an assistant in an early childhood Montessori Class and quickly discovered her love for Montessori.    She recently completed all of her training to become a certified 3-6 Directress.  Her enthusiasm for Montessori’s Philosophy is obvious.  Estrella is working as a co-teacher in our morning PrePrimary class along side of Liz Thorwall.  Together they are working to enrich the environment for all of our 3-6 year olds.  In the afternoon, Estrella is lead teacher and is teaching Spanish to all of our PrePrimary classes.

Besides speaking Spanish to her students, Estrella enjoys bringing in new materials to our students.  She loves to work in the classroom and share ideas on expanding works the children have mastered.  We are excited to have her join our staff and look forward to a long relationship with her and our school.