Kindergarten Enrichment

Diamante offers education for Kindergarten age children who have previously attended Montessori school through our Kindergarten Enrichment program. The class is held between the hours of 12:00pm – 2:30pm every Tuesday through Thursday.

The Montessori curriculum is based on a 3-year cycle. Each year builds upon the last giving the child a solid foundation. The kindergarten year is an integration of all that the children have learned in a Montessori environment. Five year olds in the Montessori classroom often help the younger children by modeling appropriate behavior and by presenting materials to the younger children. For this reason we feel the ideal place for each child’s kindergarten year is in a Montessori class. Diamante Montessori School offers a kindergarten enrichment program that provides the five year olds with concrete hands-on experiences which exposes them to a rich variety of subjects.

Our program includes science, geography, and anatomy. It is a deeper extension of the academic materials offered in a pre-primary class. Each child is encouraged to use their leadership qualities and work on group projects as well as individual hands-on materials. One day a week we work on golden bead math materials and extensions as well as language and reading materials. We feel our enrichment program is unique to our school and gives the children an introduction to much of the materials they will study in their first 3 years of elementary school. By adding math and reading materials, we feel the kindergarten children are offered a well-rounded curriculum.