Toddler Program

Diamante offers education for two-year-old children through our Toddler program. The class is held between the hours of 8:45am – 11:30am, five days a week. Parents have the option of enrolling their children in a 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day program. The 3-day program runs Monday through Wednesday, and the 2-day program is Thursday and Friday.

The toddler class at Diamante Montessori School is specifically created to meet the needs of the curious, exploring and busy toddlers. This age finds toddlers eager to learn about everything around them. An explosion of language occurs and toddlers are interested in naming the things around them.

Two-year-olds typically need space to move, explore and develop themselves. They are learning to become separate beings and move towards independence. Our toddler community is a peaceful environment rich with materials that stimulate the child’s needs. Our staff encourages activities that stimulate both their mind and bodies and increase their independence.

Toddlers learn to do for themselves, to wait for materials to become available and to feel the confidence of belonging to a community of other toddlers.The furniture and shelves are child size and allow the children to master their own needs. Toddlers prepare their own snack, set their places, and clean up when finished. They become a cooperative, gentle and caring group.

The areas of the Toddler Class are the same as found in the preprimary class. Practical life activities encourage the use of gross motor and fine motor activities. Scrubbing, pounding, stringing, and pouring encourage this development. Language works include matching, naming and sorting works. Sensorial works start with simple puzzles and move to grading the pink tower and brown stairs. Simple math and language concepts are introduced as the children are ready. Counting everything in the environment is a common activity. Creativity is encouraged in the art and music area of the classroom. Our well-rounded environment gives the toddlers an introduction to a lifetime of learning.